Monday, August 1, 2011

Winner : Snake Edition

We have a winner for this week's installment of Freakshow Friday. Please take note that my super hilarious and non biased best friend was the judge. Here are the top three in no particular order.
Karen Mortensen
I'm too sexy for my snake.

Admittedly, the Discovery Channel didn't
do much research before hiring Steve Irwin's replacement.

Linda D.
You know what they say about
the size of a snake charmer's snake ?

The winner is...
Karen Mortensen

I'm too sexy for my snake.

Karen Mortensen
is the funniest blogger in all the land.
Now head on over to her blog
and marvel at this fantastic award she just earned
to proudly display forever.


Thanks to all the people who played.

Tune in this Friday for another instalment of Freakshow Friday!


Linda D. said...

Congrats to Karen. I'm still LOL over that one! The Steve irwin comment was hilarious, too!

Lesley said...

that is awesome! I just keep thinking what do these photographers think when they are photographing these my friends will never believe me on this one.....

Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. Thanks. You made my day. I have to go for a colonoscopy later today. I will have something good to think about.

w said...

oh man. congrats karen.

also. i'm sorry i missed this one. it would have been perfect for a voldemort reference. so what if i'm a harry potter nerd?

Sue said...

Hurray for Karen!