Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Magic of Nana and Poppy's Front Yard : Part 1

My parents have made a special effort
to make sure that their front yard
is exciting for the boys when they come over.


My mom lined her carport with wind chimes.
When the boys were babies,
she would carry them out to admire them.


Their little fingers
would grasp for the chime
and they would release squeals of delight
as the twinkling music
floated around their curious heads.


She also hung several bells from the branches
of a tree in her front yard.


It was such a thrill
for a little one
to reach up high
and ring the bells.

Such sweet memories
of when the boys were small.


Now, they are older
and less impressed
with the tinkling of bells and chimes.

Although, all the wind chimes
and cute little bells remain
hanging around the yard
just in case they have
an inkling to visit them once again.

The front yard is still exciting though,
as they have access to all sorts of garden tools.


The two of them march through
my dad's bonsai garden
and could have fun for hours.

Watering the trees,
raking up leaves,
digging unnecessary holes,
and filling them back up again.


How could one yard
be such a magical place?


Singedwingangel said...

I just love the magic you capture with your camera and your words..

Linda D. said...

Awesome. What a lasting memory for your boys! Grandparents should fill a special niche in our lives! Beautiful photos, BTW.

Sue said...

Being a grandparent is such fun! And how we love it when our grandkids love to spend time at our houses. (We've tried to make our yard magical, too!)


Andrea said...

I bet they still like to hear the sound of those ever so cool windchimes while they are out there doing their big boy work!

Ducky said...

I STILL dig holes just to fill them back up again. Lil Duck and I dig in the same pots on the deck over and over and over looking for treasures. Sometimes we find them. Never know what the fairies may have buried when all the world was asleep! ;-)