Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Digital Hope Chest :: Paper Dolls

I was going about my day, minding my own business
as I flipped through a 1959 McCall's magazine.
I happened upon this adorable ad with paper dolls
and it hit me like a ten ton brick...


I don't have a daughter to share these with.
Most of the time, I am content
and obviously I am crazy
about my two boys.

Yet, there are moments like this
that pop up from time to time
where my heart stings and yearns
to be a mama to a girl.

Instead of trying to hide
this yearning...

I've decided to collect these moments
and allow myself
to create a digital hope chest
for any granddaughters
that I may have later in life.

So, this one's for you sweet girl,
whoever you may be.

In other news...


I found this adorable puppy bank
for Koen at the flea market.

I guess that snakes and snails
and puppy dog tails
aren't so bad


Andrea said...

Love the honesty, and what a sweet idea!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

love the idea of the hope chest.

Linda D. said...

Saw a family the other day at a restaurant that consisted of a mom a day and 4 stair step daughters.. ranging from about 6 years old down to a 3 month old. The dad shrugged off the question... are you trying to build an all=girl basketball team??? But his eyes kept lingering on tables with little boys and dads eating hamburgers. Oh what he'd give for a "snakes and tails and puppy dog tails" moment too.

Perhaps he can take heart and start his own collection of things to hopefully share with a little grandson one day.

Great idea!

MommaMindy said...

I had a friends who had four boys. Only one son got married and had children. He had five boys. However, through the years, this amazing daughterless couple opened their empty-nest home to many young women who were going to college - for free. The Lord will always fill that empty spot in your heart.

I LOVE your Digital Hope Chest idea for a granddaughter...should we pray for twins? :)

Sue said...

My sister is having her first, firsthand experience with a girl through her new little granddaughter. (She is the mother of four boys.)

Needless to say, she is enjoying herself very much!

I love your hope chest idea, Leigh.


Singedwingangel said...

My mom had 4 girls, we girls have all had boys except for 2 , the great grandbabies are about equal. Love the digital hope chest idea.

Caroline said...

I love this idea, Leigh! And it's funny that you mention grandchildren because we ALREADY talk about ours! :)) We're crazy like that.