Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Sesame Street

My weekly column is up over at
Athens Patch.
Today's topic is
rather or not you talk
to your children about current social events.

Sesame Street recently introduced
an impoverished Muppet.
How do you feel about that?

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Linda D. said...

Such an important topic. Can't wait to read your perspective on Occupying Sesame Street for Children's food insecurities and hunger.

Andrea said...

My first thought when I heard about the new character was that I had always thought the population of Sesame Street as a whole was sort of a banded together group of hard times characters. After watching the clip though, I see that they have connected the dots very closely in a way to reach and comfort kids like Sesame Street can.

greydolphin said...

Leigh--I don't want to sign up to comment over there, so here's my thought for you.

It is VITAL to talk to children about this. As an early childhood educator, I know that if we DO NOT talk about these things, poverty, race, etc, our children will learn that it is not to be talked about, which will lead to denial and not doing anything to help.

Sue said...

Interesting article, Leigh! You always come up with excellent topics.


Linda D. said...

I enjoyed reading the latest link to an article on the Patch article you wrote. It wonders if part of the problem of hunger rests at the feet of Sesame Street and Walmart both - who manufacture or import products from China.. thereby taking jobs away from Americans.