Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zen and the Art of Motherhood

My weekly column is up
over at Athens Patch.
This week's topic is about the
spiritual side of parenting.


I am learning to treasure
living in the moment with my children.
Do you practice mindfullness in your parenting?
What moments do you treasure with your children?
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Andrea said...

I think I had more moments of living in the now(then) when the kids were smaller. Now it is a little bit harder to get ourselves all together, aside from meal time. Plus the older they get, they have things, besides candy and toys, on their minds as well.

Linda D. said...

Fabulous article! I posted a comment on the article on Patch site. Savoring those everyday moments... being in the moment... makes us live mindful/reflective lives! Enjoy the journey!

Caroline said...

i loved this one!!

Sue said...

Mmmmm. The spiritual side of parenting. Sounds right up my alley...

Heading over!