Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How the Grinch Stole the Zoo


When I caught wind that our little itty bitty local zoo
was having a Christmas Light extravaganza,
I got so excited and promptly told the children we would go.

It just seemed so thrilling
to see animals at night
in the glow of flashing colored lights.

It looked so amazingly dreamy as we walked in
and saw all the festive decorations.


Our first stop was at the alligator habitat.
It took me a moment to notice the
alligator made of lights up on the fence.

We giggled at how silly that was
while we looked for the real creatures.

They were nowhere to be found.


So, we scampered over to the bear habitat
with all the excitement and wonderment
that could fill up our bodies.


There was nothin'.
It was pitch black.
Then it sunk in that we
weren't going to see any animals
frolicking in the glow of Christmas lights.


They did have one creature who
was still awake for the occasion
and it was a one eyed tree owl.

I've never seen kids get so excited
to see a bird with one eye.

The poor little guy was the main attraction that night.


Although, this was pretty awesome too.

On the way out
Griffin stopped to tell the ticket collector
what a rip off it was.

Oh well, you can't win them all.


angel shrout said...

Well that bites.. Maybe they thought the lights would irritate them??

leigh said...

Cute kids ... Zoo not so cute!

Linda D. said...

The pictures look so dreamy! The kids look pretty happy with the one or two things they could actually see in the dark. But I do think that the Grinch stole the ultimate experience! Seems like a fun idea. What could they do to spruce it up next year? Maybe they should ask the Atlanta or San Diego Zoo what they do for those magical nighttime sleep over with the animals?

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That stinks. The pictures are cute though.

Katherine said...

I've been to other zoos for Christmas light displays, and not once have I ever seen any animals. I'm confused as to whether or not you are supposed to.

Sue said...


I love that he called a spade a spade on the rip-off thing!