Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis The Season to be Cranky

We fetched our Christmas tree over the weekend.
We had high hopes for making
wonderful Christmas memories as we
hopped in the car and drove to our favorite nursery
to grab our tree.

The boys fought over a toy
the entire drive.

I wasn't going to be
stopped from having a great time though.


When we arrived to look at the trees,
excitement filled the air
and then quickly shattered into pieces on the ground
when we discovered that the only trees
that were left were 100 feet tall.

Koen managed to throw a HUGE
temper tantrum before we left
because he wanted to hold a shovel.

The boys fought again in the car
as we drove to another lot
in search of our tree.


Upon arrival at the other tree lot,
(which was located off a busy road)
Koen refused to hold hands
and had to be held by Roger.

He cried to get down
then Griffin begged to get on daddy's shoulders.
Then Koen suddenly wanted to be held.

So there were tears and fistycuffs.
All of this happened before we even
had looked at the stupid trees.

We quickly picked our tree
and then discovered that they only accepted cash.

Off to the ATM we went
while the boys fought in the car again.


As punishment for making our lives miserable,
the boys were banished to the car
as the poor lot worker
shoved the tree on top
and the children fussed to get out and watch.

Then they fought as we drove home
with the tree strapped to our roof
look a hunted animal waiting for slaughter.

When we got home and put the tree in the house
and strung it with twinkling lights,
the stupid lights didn't work.

We gave up.
It was terrible.


After a quick trip to the store in the morning
to fetch a strand of new lights,
we started fresh with adjusted attitudes
and had a wonderful time decorating our beautiful tree.

Fa la la la la!


Linda D. said...

Reminds me of something that would have happened in that holiday classic movie "The Christmas Story". I was laughing through your tears because every parent has been in a similar situation at one time or the other.

Linda D. said...

Oh BTW, beautiful tree and well worth the drama!

Singedwingangel said...

And this is why I will do the fake trees lol.. I would have had to kill someone after all that.. but your tree is beautiful

Caroline said...

I know this scene all to well! my friend! We had a similar story from our tree hunt last year so this year we sent Gil, by himself to Home Depot to fetch the easiest to haul and least expensive tree he could find! Fa la la la la! :))
p.s. Your tree looks so pretty! Oliver is eating all my ornaments this year. Heaven help me!

Sue said...

It's all part of the memory-making, Leigh. And someday. believe it or not, these will be some of the fondest memories.

I have a poem that is sort of about one of these tree trips you describe. It goes like this:

Christmas Bliss
©1993 Susan Noyes Anderson

We’re picking out a Christmas tree.
Oh boy, I just can’t wait!
December 25th is near––
It’s time to celebrate.

The family piles into our car
and finds the biggest lot.
“Let’s get the best,” my mother says,
“the very best they’ve got!”

But this one’s crooked, that one’s short,
and those are almost dead.
The rest have broken branches, holes,
or something worse instead.

Five hours pass and still no tree;
my dad’s about to break.
“You want the perfect tree?” he growls.
“Then let’s go buy a fake!”


PS. We've all been there!

Andrea said...

Is it amusing to you yet. I usually have to wait awhile, but then sometimes it comes around to just a great tale to tell. Thank you for sharing it with us--that photo is great and will make the kids laugh not so many years from now--you have the proof of the day!

Linda D. said...

Thanks to Sue for sharing that terrific poem! I'm going to share it with others!