Tuesday, January 31, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness :: Week 47


Having a little friend to go
grocery shopping with me.

I just love that Koen takes
a trip with me every Friday
to buy our weekly groceries.

Our sweet routine starts in the parking lot
and as we hold hands,
he tries to dart off to scare unsuspecting birds.

Sometimes he splashes in rain puddles
while other times he marvels
at the huge delivery trucks idling in the unloading area.


His little feet dangle below him
as he perches in the shopping cart.
We zip up and down the aisles while
he grabs at snacks and bargains with me
to sneak a few bites of this and that.

I always say no at first
but he somehow manages to
eat his way through the entire grocery store.

Then he isn't hungry for lunch later.
I really don't mind a spoiled lunch once a week.
Sometimes I'll do just about anything
to keep him busy so I can shop in peace.


Every single person who passes by us
smiles at him.

Sometimes I catch him playing peek-a-boo
with little old ladies as they wheel on by.

I treasure these moments that pass between us
in the grocery store aisles.
Soon, he will be in pre-school
and I will shop all alone.

For now, it makes me
terribly happy to have him there with me.


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Tiffany said...

Sweet! Kendall eats her way through too....yesterday she tried to open every package in the cart. Finally...flavor blasted goldfish and lots of smiles. Have a great Tuesday.


Pieni Lintu said...

So cute :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

So sweet! My boy eats his way through the grocery store too. I appreciate these times too. I know that they will end too soon.

angel shrout said...

He is so adorable and yeah they do grow up entirely too quick. When my youngest was finally in school I didn't know what to do with myself. I hated going anywhere alone after having someone with me all the time before.

Jessica said...

Awwww, I remember the days of my kiddies getting a "free cookie" from the store. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Aww. Love this.

Dixie Mom said...

I miss those days of having my favorite co-shopper with me. I'd smile at those curls too. :)

Nessa Bixler said...

I love the little old ladies at the grocery store and the free cookies - they are life-savers. What a great little shopping buddy you have there!

Karen Mortensen said...

Love the pictures. He is so cute.

Gina Kleinworth said...

Those special moments shared with him will certainly stay with him throughout his life. Love it!

Susan said...

So sweet to capture such a special moment between the two of you. Enjoy!

Sue said...

I have to admit that I didn't put my youngest in preschool at all. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. He was such a fun pal.


Linda D. said...

How refreshing! Some moms I know get someonto watch their toddler so they can shop in peace. They are missing a golden opportunity to notice, wonder, and talk about things they see at the store. They're also missing out on some of the sweetest 1-on=1 time you can have with your little one!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

luv the little details

Nancy Reinke said...

Sweet post. It's good that you are treasuring these times. They do go by so quickly. Before you know it, they're all grown up. First time here. Thanks for hosting. Hope you can stop by my blog sometimes. God bless.

**Nicole** said...

Your blog is so darling! :) Do you not have a way to subscribe via email to your posts? I'm a crazy busy blogger (not unlike yourself) and only read the blog posts that smack me in the face in my inbox each day. So I thought I'd ask :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so glad he is yours. Little is the best.

Caroline said...

I love those dangling feet! :) I'm realizing they dangle closer and closer to the grown every year! Time is something else!

today i said...

Hi Leigh, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
I defiently going to take part in your Happiness Project.

Cheers Monika