Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trouble in Heartlake City

My weekly column is up.

This week's topic is about
gender based marketing
and how the folks at LEGO
angered parents
with their toy line made for girls.
Many claim that the toys are sexist.

Click here to read about the controversy
and leave a comment over at Athens Patch.


Sue said...

Just checked it out and commented. These parents are guilty of making much ado about nothing, methinks.


Caroline said...

You know I will check it out my dear! :)

Andrea said...

My eleven year old daughter is very happy with the house creator sets that Lego has, as well as many, city. So many of their sets are gender neutral, and I am ok with them doing more thing to compete with girls who may be more heavily into Polly pocket and the like. My daughter likes these new sets too. They have tried a variety of girl aimed things over the past 10 years, and none have really stuck. The minifigure series that have been coming out have fun female specialty figures included.

Andrea said...

(I don't know why patch always wants me to have the welcome email resent, but then still won't let me log in...sorry, I do try to comment over there)

Linda D. said...

I think as long as the complexity of the Lego building sets are geared towards age, not gender, it's fine to mix up colors and style of the characters. The main thing that bothered me was the fact that some of the "girl-focused" Lego kits didn't require as much assembling!