Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leigh vs. Cake Pops

Griffin and I decided to make Cake Pops
for his Valentine's Day gift
for his friends at school this year.

It seemed like such a great
project to do together in the kitchen.
We started off having fun
as we mixed the red velvet cake
and licked the bowl of batter as we went along.


About 5 minutes into the fourth step,
things went awry in the kitchen
for me and the little guy.

After much complaining that he was bored
and a crushed red velvet ball or two,
he abandoned his post
and escaped to the living room
to watch Spiderman on TV.


It was just me alone in the kitchen with melted white chocolate
that hardened way to quickly but then
somehow managed to ooze and drip once on the stick.
as the cake pops sat on their posts.

I got mad at the sprinkles twice
for getting all over the place
and then my back started hurting from all the dipping.


For all my complaining, they looked and tasted awesome
but what was supposed to be a fun project
that Griffin and I could do together
ended up being a project
that made mommy stay up way too late to complete.

All of the dipping, sprinkling, packaging, and bow tying was worth it though,
his friends loved them and Griffin told me that he proudly
announced to the class that he and mommy made the cake pops together.

I suppose that I'll let him take the credit.


Andrea said...

They are sweet! I have to admit that sometimes I feel myself impatiently waiting for my kitchen help to move on to somthing else so I can finish up!

Linda D. said...

Oh yes... an eternal truth is the syndrome of mom and kid projects. It goes like this:
1. Mom and kid start the project and gather materials with great enthusiasm.
2. By the 3rd steps kid rebels.
3. Mom questions which is the better life lesson..
a) Kid hates all future projects because forced to finish this one? or b) Kid had "something" to do with the project and can claim some bragging rights?

My take - not everything in life has to be a life/morality lesson!

BTW those cake pops look yummy!

Tima said...

Awww, so sweet. I want to try making them, but am a little nervous.

ready2heal said...

That is so funny Leigh! Our V-day project was so similar...At her school, they do not allow sweets, or characters from media like Dora or anything, so we are limited a little in what the kids can give. I read an awesome idea of giving flower seeds in little pots, and figured it would be a great little project to do. Last year's valentines included glitter (my husband did the project with her last year) and I still find glitter here and there. I knew that I never again want a project with a four year old that includes glitter.

So I went to the store and got all the supplies (which were on sale and I only spent $5!) while the kid was at school, and surprised her with everything when she got home. Big mistake! She did not like the idea at all. I convinced her to help.... for about 5 minutes.

So I spent WAY too long, putting sweet pea seeds into little bags, and then into the pots. Then cutting tissue paper into little squares, wrapping them in the tissue paper and tying with a bow. After I got a few finished, I realized that people might think they were peas, like the ones you eat, which are not planted until late Spring where I live, but sweet peas (flowers) are planted in early Spring, as in a couple of weeks from now. So then I had to go back, and cut out little cards and write notes about what the seeds are and when they need to be planted

So I was up until midnight, cutting, writing, wrapping, and tying with a little bow. And then, to top it all off, she did not even like them. So I promised her that I would never again choose a project without consulting with her first. I found myself begging her to acknowledge how much work they really were to do, and the fact that I did it because I love her. Lesson learned!

From Tracie said...

I have not braved the making of the cake pops, yet, but I'm REALLY GREAT at eating them.

hint hint.

Natakiya said...

They were definitely worth it. The cake pops looked perfect and Aeri LOVED hers. She said that it was delicious! I was seriously impressed with them, you did a great job.

Sue said...

It often went that way when I did "group projects" with my kids. Their attention spans were not too long...


Caroline said...

I love cake pops!!

You are such a good Mom, Leigh. We just stuffed pencils in paper Valentine's this year and had to work on it late night (after the O-man was in bed).

Caroline said...

I meant to also add that they look amazing!! I am now hungry.

angel shrout said...

Yeah when I read about what it takes to make cake pops I was like umm yeah not me.. but I think I would like to eat them too.