Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stranger Danger

My weekly column is up! A little girl in Ga fought
her way out of a would-be kidnapping last week.
Would your children know what to do if they were abducted?
Do you let them walk around the store alone?
Do you talk to them about stranger danger?

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Linda D. said...

What a powerful article posting! The tricky thing nowadays is being able to identify a "stranger". Some "strangers" with evil intent look like good guys or even teachers (such as the recent faculty members who were conducting lewd acts with children on a school site). A stranger is anyone who not only does the blatant kidnapping attempts, but anyone who approaches or seduces children...

The Berinstein Bears book on Stranger danger is terrific because it's not frightening and it also ends of the scenario of a "nice guy stranger" who invites Brother Bear to hop in the car with him to follow a remote control airplane!!!!

We can't be too careful when it comes to equipping our kiddos to step bravely, but wisely into the world!

Stranger Danger ranks right up there with learning 911, your address, phone number, "safe words", etc.

Sue said...

A lot depends upon the child's personality. Some children could be taught what to do many times and fail to do it in the real situation, while others would instinctively do all the right things. It's kind of scary. I saw this in one of those television shows where they set up the kids to be approached by a fake would-be kidnapper to see what they would do. The parents were horrified to see that some of their very well-trained children did exactly the opposite of what they'd been taught.

Still, it's important to teach the stranger dangers in hopes that they will do the "right" things and protect themselves as best they can.


Caroline said...

on my way over! This will be a good one!