Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life Well Lived : Getting Happy

Blogher asked me...

How does blogging, journaling, writing and
connecting online help to increase your happiness?

I spend a good amount of my time meditating on happiness.
My regular readers know this about me
as they've followed along and participated
in my 52 Weeks of Happiness project.

Each week, I look around
and scout out what in my life is making me happy.
Somehow, even when life seems hard,
I find something that brings me joy.
It's become almost a reflex for me
to recognize it.

This blog is a gift.
This is where I claimed my unspoken
bond with the written word.
It's given my musings a place soft place to land.

I've always been a writer,
it' just part of who I am,
Before I started blogging
the words sat lonely on a page in my journal,
begging to be read.

This place has given my words company.
Other writers come here
and become friends with my thoughts.

I feel connected,
I feel heard,
I feel happy
when you meet me here.

Please visit Blogher's Life Well Lived
and share your happiness
by joining me in the comments.

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angel shrout said...

I understand completely.

Sabrina said...

Reading your posts make me feel comfy and at home. Keep it up, Leigh!

Ducky said...

Connected, heard and always know exactly how to so eloquently SLAM the nail on the head :O) I couldn't agree with your sentiments more!

Caroline said...

Well said, Leigh! I love how Sabrina put it because I feel the same way. When I come here I feel welcome, comfy and at home.


Jordy Liz said...

i used to journal, too, before i hopped into blogging. i love the affirmation i receive and the connections it brings me.

jordy | jordy liz blogs