Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mama Bird

The media recently attacked the actress Alicia Silverstone
for posting a video of her transferring chewed up food
open-mouth to her 11-month-old baby.
Many health care professionals claim that
pre-mastication is dangerous for infants.

Do you think that pre-chewing your baby's food
could be beneficial for an infant or not?

Any mamas out there who practice "birding" with their little ones?
Please click here to read the article and join the discussion
by leaving a comment over at Athens Patch.

Just follow the link and then click on the story entitled "Mama Bird".


Sue said...

Ew. That just kinda grosses me out.


Caroline said...

I'm on my way over--I had never heard of it before this.

Linda D. said...

YUCK! I know there's probably some heart-rending rationale that will be published by some psychologist somewhere... but really? YUCK!