Monday, April 23, 2012

Winner : Disco Ball Edition

We have a winner for this week's installment of Freakshow Friday. Please take note that my super hilarious and non biased best friend was the judge. Here are the top three in no particular order.

angel shrout
I am so awesome when I play
I poop glitter and sparklies.

Not surprisingly, Mary took top honors
in the "Sparkliest Hemorrhoid Contest."

Mother Theresa
Saturday Night Fifer!

And the winner is...
Mother Theresa

Saturday Night Fifer!

Mother Theresa

is the funniest blogger in all the land.
Please visit her blog
and marvel at this fantastic award she just earned!


Thanks to all the people who played.
Tune in this Friday for another installment of Freakshow Friday!


Linda D. said...

Great photo and great captions! What fun! And what a good choice for a winner!

angel shrout said...

Hey I was in the running again woot woot go me.. but I have to give kudos to Mother Teresa that was pretty good. bwhahah

Mother Theresa said...

Wow! I'm honored! It's taken me forever to get over here and find about this, lately it seems like there's never time for anything.