Monday, April 23, 2012

Let me tell you something about my cranky cat...

Sometimes, when we are going about our day,
I get the sense that someone is watching us.
Most often, I find a dark figure peeking in our front window.


It's our cranky cat, Scout.
She was banished to live outside 7 years ago
after an unfortunate scratching incident
that involved kitty claws and my newborn baby's face.

Don't fret for Scout,
she gets plenty of love from us and
she has a warm and fuzzy bed outside for cold nights.
She also loves to roam our property
and hunt baby birds and unsuspecting chipmunks.

There is often a symphony of angry mamas outside,
scolding Scout for her hunting ways.

I digress...


Scout sits on our front porch railing
and peaks in at us all the time.
She follows our every move
and we seem to keep her entertained.

It's like we are a reality tv show for naughty cats.
She has a great view
and seems to enjoy watching Koen
as he climbs up and down his slide the most.


It's so funny to see our feline spectator perched in her spot.


Sue said...

That IS funny. And I can't blame you for banishing her after the scratching incident.

All of our cats lived outside, and they were happy as could be.


angel shrout said...

She is beautiful and I love her markings. While our boy is an in and outside cat I can totally understand why you put yours out. She is your security that's it. Like the secret service, without the sex scandal that is.. just maybe some unjustified murders of helpless chipmunks and birds.

Linda D. said...

Love the idea that your family life is the cat's reality tv series. Oh what comedy and drama she must witness! LOL, Leigh. Good one.

Andrea said...

I wondered if kitty has snacks while watching the favorite show!