Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My perilous adventure in the mountains.


While we were on our little mountain getaway
we paid a visit to Amicalola Falls State Park.
The map presented a 1 mile hike up the mountain
to reach the beautiful falls.

It was a sunny spring day that was
perfect for a little trek,
so up the mountain we went.


It was a breathtaking slope
lined with rocks and waterfalls.

We had such a great time as
we meandered through the woods.

I got a little breathy half way up but nothing too strenuous.


As we approached this sign, I started to feel
a little unsure that walking up 175 steps
would actually be fun.

But I was a trooper and up the steps we went.


By the time we reached the top of the steps,
I was breathing like dragon with a bad case of the croop.

It was worth it though, the falls were just amazing.
We stood in awe as I caught my breath
and patted myself on the back for making the trip up the mountain with a smile.


Little did I know that just around the corner
was this stupid sign.

We stood at the bottom of the steps
and contemplated if we wanted to continue the trek.

This is when things turned perilous
because I decided that I would regret
not hiking to the top of the falls.


So, up into the stupid trees we went.


Now, under normal circumstances I would
never ever post such an unflattering picture of myself
but I wanted you all to see what a hot mess I was.

It was almost silly how out of shape I was.

Small children, old ladies, and even
two women dressed in traditional Indian dresses passed me.
(They were all wrapped up in shiny fabric and wearing little strappy sandals)

Just so you know,
I think that I almost died three
times on the way up.


When we finally made it to the top
I was not impressed with the stupid view.
It was pretty and all but
not worth the 425 steps it took to get there.

On the way down,
I told every single person who
looked like they were on death's door
that the view wasn't worth the climb.

Then I showed them the photo that I took
so that they could see what they would be missing.

I convinced at least 4 people to turn around and not trek to the top.

I felt like a hero.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

LOL I know how you feel. We do not live to far from there, it is one our favorite parks to visit. I have only climb that one time and I said never again. Now we just drive to the top.

Katherine said...

It may be strenuous, but wow, it's gorgeous.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

LOL, thanks for sharing! So happy you could help at least 4 people come to their senses.

Sue said...

This has me laughing! I love it.

Leigh - savior of the weary...


angel shrout said...

I agree beautiful pictures but I don't think I would have done it either for that last shot. The other one was much prettier..


You ARE a hero for warning the others!

Also, you're in better shape than you think you are to have got to the top regardless of how difficult or long it took. You did it. So pat yourself on the back.

But I loved the humour of your post.

Caroline said...


THIS is why I love you.

And P.S. would you place stop it because you look ADORABLE. I love your glasses and you are always so pretty.

I couldn't walk 2 flights of stairs so I have no idea how you did it.

xo :))

Caroline said...

I meant "please" stop it, not place stop it. ;)