Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gluten Free Madness : I Got Glutened

This gluten free journey that I am on
has been a bumpy ride.

I keep making rookie mistakes.
Like, cooking a gluten free waffle
in my stupid toaster
that I've been using to toast gluten covered bread.

Not so smart.

Also, I'm trying super hard to avoid the crap
but it is in e-ver-y-thing.

For example, gluten is in Play-doh.
What kind of cruel joke is that?
I've been elbows deep in Play-doh
over the past few days as I've been playing with the kids.

My tummy has been angry, to say the least.
Sometimes it sounds like a woodpecker
lives in me that is angry and wants to get out.

The other day, I mistook
a plane flying over the house
for a tummy rumble.
No lie!

I get a brain fog and feel like a moron 80% of the time.
Yesterday, I lost my wallet 3 times.

This will get easier, right?
Any gluten free readers out there
who can commiserate with me?
Please tell me that it gets easier.

I need a hug
and a gluten free muffin.


Linda D. said...

Here's a virtual hug and the expectation that things will get better as you figure it all out. The Play Doh thing is just so surprising! Be well an feel better.

Caroline said...

Hey Leigh! My neighbor is gluten fee. She discovered she had a problem about 3 years ago and definitely suffered before she found out. I wish I knew more about it...

I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers, Leigh. I am sure once you get used to everything you'll know all the tricks. I am so sorry you are feeling yucky!

xo to you and hang in there!

Sue said...

What a difficult adjustment to make, Leigh. I hope you feel all kinds of better very soon!


Andrea said...

I did not miss th point of your post, but I do have a gluten free playdough recipe if you'd like it! ;) FYI, marshmallows have it too sometimes (I didn't know that, and am still baffled)