Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My little photographers...


The other day I took the kids to
The Georgia Museum of Natural History.

The name sounds fancy but really
it's just one room full of dead and stuffed animals.

It was the perfect place to take two smelly little boys.


To make things super fun,
we stopped at the grocery store
and picked up a one use camera
so the boys could snap pictures of their experience.


They stomped around the room,
and were very serious as they snapped pictures.

I just love seeing the world through their eyes.
Here are a few captures
of what they saw through the lens...






They are so proud of their photos
that we are making a photo album
that celebrates our adventure.

Yay for creativity
and big ol' dead
stuffed animals.


Linda D. said...

What a fun outing! You are raising budding photographers, too! Well done.

Ivette Spradlin said...

I love the one of the bear's claw near the rope.

Katherine said...

One of my kids' favorite things to do is to borrow my camera and take pictures around the house with it. I love seeing the world from their view.

Erin Bennett Jenkins said...

you're such a good mommy.

Sue said...

My kids would have loved this back in the day!