Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Well Lived : Make Up and Feeling Fabulous

Blogher asked me...
How do makeup, dressing up and strutting your stuff help you feel fabulous, confident and ready to rock the world?


I wasn't really aware of how important make up was for me
until I couldn't wear it any more.
When I discovered that I had a super sensitive gluten and soy allergy,
I had to stop using all of my make up because
I was having an allergic reaction to every single bit of it.
My make up was making me sick.

At first, I just wanted to feel better,
so I didn't think twice about going out into the world without make up on.
Yet, as the fog lifted and I healed from my exposure to all the hidden ingredients,
I really missed my make up.

I missed the ritual of taking care of myself.
I missed feeling confident in knowing that I looked refreshed and healthy.
I missed my rosy cheeks and berry lips.
I missed my eyelashes, without mascara they disappear.

So, I did some research and invested in some gluten and soy free make up.
I was so excited to see that I actually had options!
So, after a week of checking the mail and waiting, my make up finally arrived.

I've never been so happy to put lipstick on!
My eyelashes are back and I feel like myself again.
I believe that we all have a natural glow that radiates from inside
but my light just shines brighter when I put make up on.

I'll write up a post soon telling you about
all the awesome and wonderful gluten and soy free products that I found.

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Linda D. said...

Make up, not diamonds, are a girl's best friend. So glad you found great make up that helps keep you safe and happy!

Caroline said...

Oooooohh!!! I can't wait to hear more about it!!!

And, Leigh--I am so glad you are feeling better. I think I mentioned to you that my neighbor has a gluten allergy too and it is NO fun for her.