Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mama Time : Meditation

That is the word that comes
to mind when I think of myself.

It happened slowly
over the years while
I've been a full time stay-at-home mom.

I thought that sending my youngest to school
would throw me into an identity crisis.
After all, I've identified myself as mama
all these years.

It's not at all like I anticipated.
Granted, Koen is only gone for 3 hours in the morning
but I have discovered just how
badly I've needed some "Mama time".


So, now I have time to breath.

I've decided to practice
Deepk Chopra's Free to Love 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

I sprawl out my yoga mat, all alone,
and perch on my pretty pillow to breath.

I breath in and say "soul".
I breath out and say "hum".

Before I know it,Linkmy soul is humming.

I had no idea
how badly I needed to simply breath.

I can feel my life slowly shifting
and I like the direction that it's headed.


Linda D. said...

How lovely! To breathe those lovely words in and out and relax! Cherish that mama time. IT does grow over the years until you find yourself pampered with a nice balance of your kids and your quiet time!

From Tracie said...

I love that you are finding time each day to focus on you. That is a beautiful thing.

Sue said...

I remember very fondly those days when my youngest started school. I, too, used the free time for "me" time.

And sometimes, for a quick, child-free shopping trip!



Meditation and yoga can cure or ward off everything!

GLoV said...

It's funny to read your post on meditation one day after I decided to meditate while taking a shower in the morning. I have a ten months old baby who is extremely active. He stands still only when he pooes. I used to meditate before getting pregnant. Two days ago, I realized I badly need some minutes of peacefulness. So, I leave my baby with his father and for ten minutes, I let the water trickle down my body while I empty my mind. At the end, I breathe, I get out of shower and I feel I am ready to face the day in the company of my super active baby. :)