Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toy Jail Parole Day


Under normal circumstances,
I would never ever invite the world
to look upon my messy work area.
(my mama raised me right!)

But, I just had to share the absolute chaos
that took over my desk over the summer
while I was busy keeping my boys out of trouble.

Please observe the stack of unchecked mail,
art projects, and craft books.

I'm sure that you noticed
the huge pile of crap on top
of the tippy top of my big ol' office desk.


That is a special place of honor
for confiscated weapons,
trouble makers,
or any other potential random naughty producing object.

If the boys were smacking each other with something,
I would just march over,
snatch it, and put it in jail
for the rest of the summer.

Sometimes it was a pre-emptive snatch.
The pile just grew and grew and grew
into this crazy group of ne'er-do-well toys.

So, today will be a big day at my house.
While the boys are at school
I plan to set all the summer trouble makers free.

And I'll get my beloved desk back!
I just love toy jail parole day.


Kelly said...

I love the toy jail and parole idea. Perhaps I shall try it. My kids manage to make weapons out of things that I would never dream they could put to that use :)

Linda D. said...

What a great idea and what a cute photo. Your boys will be excited for toy parole day... but be sure they know about repeat offenders!

Andrea said...

I love the idea and the assortment you have there...very industrious duo that a guitar made it!

Sue said...

I had a toy jail, too.

It worked!


Katherine said...

We used to confiscate toys as a punishment for unwanted behavior, which could be earned back with good behavior. The toys were placed on the top shelf in my closet. We went through a particularly rough patch where I swear there were more toys in my closet than there were in the play room.

Sarah said...

We have the same. But, it's on top of a REALLY high armoire and I have to hop a bit to throw it up there. This thing is in the corner and more time than not, said toy winds up falling behind the armoire. It's way too heavy for me to move. Been doing it for about 2yrs... I'm thinking instead of buying Christmas gifts, I just go shopping through the corner of long forgotten toys? ;)