Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Truancy Sweep

Should parents be held accountable by law
for their children's school attendance?

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Linda D. said...

As a retired school teacher, I know the havoc excessive absences can have on a child's academic performance. But it seems that one of the underlying reasons middle/high school kids start skipping out is because they fall behind and it creates a vicious cycle .. .I'm behind/unmotivated so I'm going to cut classes, etc. Punishing the parents, without knowing their specific circumstances seems to be moving in the wrong direction. This is a case where "it takes a village" to get good results. Now, if parents of kids whose kids attend school 95% of the time got a few coupons or bonuses... perhaps they'd be more encouraging and accountable for attendance? (Just kidding).

Great article, Leigh!

Sue said...

That's a hard one...

One thing's for sure, they should hold THEMSELVES accountable, either way.