Thursday, September 20, 2012

Come on a hiking adventure with my crew...

We recently started taking
Saturday morning hikes
at a sweet little park
that we feel like we just discovered.

It all starts with a cool bridge.
Where the boys can get on their hands
and knees and search for little fishies
in the water below.


Next up on our journey
is a beautiful scene
where water flows over rocks.

At this point the boys give us heart atttacks
and try to jump from wet rock to wet rock
while we scold them and wrangle them
away from potential danger.


As we tarry along, we pass the tree
that looks just like a Brachiosaurus.
The boys alternate between riding the tree dinosaur
and pretending to be T-Rexes and beating the crap out of it with sticks.


 The sound of rushing water
escapes through the trees
when we next approach a dam
that has a small waterfall rushing over it.

It's super dreamy.


Along the path you can discover
little turtles sunning on fallen tree branches.

It becomes a challenge
for us to contain our
stomping and yelling so
that we don't scare the poor things
and make them plop into the water.

We usually terrify them on our approach
but sometimes the planets align
and everyone is quiet enough so that we see one.

It's like a huge treat when we do.
See that little critter down there?
I love him for not being afraid of us.


Of course, this bridge is just too enticing
and the boys can't help but stomp on it.
As they march down each plank,
Dragonflies fly off the leaves in fear.

It looks almost magical
to see my little monsters chasing
off our winged friends.


 At the end of our journey
we let the boys play on a playground
with a huge metal slide that sends you flying at top speeds
until you shoot off the end and scrape
your elbows and knees in the dirt below.


The boys think that it's awesome. 
Mama? Not so much! 

Now, don't you wish you could go on a hike
with me and my crazy monsters?


Caroline said...

The boys are growing so fast Leigh! So fast! And (I know I've said this before) the area you live in is SO rich in amazingly beautiful nature based activities. I'm so glad y'all are enjoying them!!

xo to you friend. :)

Linda D. said...

I love how you mix photography, poetry, and humorous mom insights into these awesome blog posts! They're always like a little slice of cherry pie!

Sue said...

Looks like the perfect hike to me!