Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Boy and His Bow.


Griffin got his first bow,
which is a super big deal in our little world.

You know, cause daddy hunts
and all boys want to be just like their daddy.

I just love watching Roger patiently show
Griffin how to use his bow.
It's a right of passage and one that I feel honored to witness.


It's amazing to watch him pick up a new skill.
He's taken to it like he was born to be a marksman.


Our family is buzzing with excitement
with the addition of the bow to our outside activities.

Koen wants one too really bad 
but he's not quite big enough.

He still likes to take his hand at it 
with the help of daddy and an invisible arrow.

I once lamented that I felt
a deep sadness because I didn't have a daughter
to experience feminine rights of passage with.

Now, as we all settle nicely into a male dominated household,
I've been surprised to see 
how truly fulfilling it is to watch Roger
and the boys have those moments of bonding.

The truth is that is an honor
to bear witness to my children experiencing 
new and exciting things in life.

I might even get a bow myself
so that I can do some target practice too.

It's all about loving the life your given.
I cherish my arrow slingin' family.


Linda D. said...

Fantastic photos and record of introducing your boys to a family-honored tradition of bow hunting. As you so generously note "It's all about loving the life your given." Thanks for sharing.

angel shrout said...

As a mom of 3 boys I too used to wish for a little girl. Until I remembered the start of all the hormonal things. Imagine 2 cycling women in one house. Not. Pretty. I will stick with my boys.