Friday, October 12, 2012

Freakshow Friday : Father of the Year Edition

It's time for another installment of Freakshow Friday. Where I ask my readers to come up with a caption or story for a funny photo. My best friend will be the judge and she's one hilarious freakaziod. So, bring it! Here is this week's photo, it's pretty awesome.

I love the smell 
of a poopy diaper in the morning.

You got a better one for me?

If so, you may just when this
super duper brand new awesome award
and have bragging rights forever. I ever have an award for you!
You will win this brand spankin' new award!!


If you win then I'll link up to your
Blog and make a big deal
about how funny you are.
Simply leave your funny caption or story
in my comments section.

The winner will be announced on Monday.


VandyJ said...

Bob's statement on War and Peace.

Moooooog35 said...

The photo that would later come to be known as, "Exhibit A for the prosecution."

Karen Mortensen said...

OMG Leigh. All I can say is that they let this guy reproduce? And put your shirt back on. He is no Rambo.

metsuke said...

Apocalypse Now: Reloaded
"Rise of the Gingers"

Linda D. said...

Thought Bubble above Little Jack's Head. "Mommy, please get a paternity test as soon as possible!"

Linda D. said...

Ferris was extremely surprised when he found out the grand prize for winning the shooting contest.

Linda D. said...

Thought of one more: Larry really needed to rethink his baby sitting ad.

Linda D. said...

Hey Leigh.. who won Freakshow Friday?