Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hunting for Crystals

I've been pondering lately about the motivations 
behind each of the posts on this blog.

Sometimes I write a post because my creativity 
is brimming and I have no choice but to let my vision take over. 

Other times, I want to celebrate a wonderful 
moment in my life and document it here on these pages.

Sometimes, I hope to inspire my readers
to slow down and enjoy the smallest and most fleeting moments life.


Other times, I blog for my children.
So that they will have a record of their childhood.

I recently went on a field trip with Griffin's class
on a quest to find crystals buried in a Georgia field.


The kids felt like explorers and it was amazing
to watch their excitement when they unearthed
beautiful rocks and crystals.


Griffin would tell each class member,
"Oh, let my mom take a picture of that one
and she'll put it on her blog!"


They would seek me out in the woods...
"Excuse me, Griffin's mom, will you take a picture of this?"


Who could say no to that request?


So, now I have a whole photo collection
of children proudly showing me their treasures.


I was honored to forever capture that moment in time.
The time when they were so curious and free.


So, here you go sweet kids. 
This blog post if all for you
and your wonderful shiny rocks!


Karen G. said...

That's just awesome. What a great experience for the kids.

taryn nasis said...


Linda D. said...

Amazing! How fun to be the momma in the classroom whose the one kids come to for photos!

Sue said...


You're a good soul, Leigh.