Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wild Flower Love Affair


One of my favorite things about going to the plantation
is seeing the expansive fields of tall grass and flowers.

This is the perfect habitat for quail and 
since the property is a hunting preserve,
the land is groomed to have wild blooms 
spread all over the place.

It's a dream come true for a flower bandit like me.

Since we all know that I 
can't just admire a flower
without walking up and saying hello,
here are some of the lovely ladies
that I encountered while in South Georgia.


I met electric pink flowers,


cascading white flowers,


little yellow flowers hugging sweet white flowers,


white blooms that looked like tiny firework explosions,

and I even swooned at purple Beautyberries too.

It was a wild flower love affair.


angel shrout said...

dasgnabbit I wanna go on walk like that. I love flowers too and would be lost in there. Perfect place to take a nap if you ask me.. no one would find me.. hehehe

Kearsie said...

So pretty.

Sue said...

All of the vegetation there is so lush and pretty.

Love it.


Linda D. said...

Thanks for sharing your wild flower stroll! So relaxing and beautiful! I'll bet the birds were singing, too!