Thursday, November 8, 2012

My kids are smart, funny, and awesome.

Yesterday was Parent/Teacher Conference day. Out of all my extracurricular duties that I have as a mom, I love going to conferences. It makes me feel like a mama. Even if the news is not the best at times, I love sitting down and listening to the women that spend so much time with my children tell me in detail how they act when they are not with me. It's a little glimpse into their world that I just don't get to see.

I have to say that I am so happy that we chose Montessori for our children. The environment is loose and open, brimming with enrichment at every corner. I always feel happy when I walk into their classrooms and the best part is that the children do to. Peer based learning is so magical to witness. I love when we are at home and Griffin takes the lead in showing Koen something new. I know it's because they both live it at school that we see it at home.

I love that they have freedom of movement around the classroom. No stuffy desks for my kids. They sprawl out on the floor when they do their work. I've walked into the classroom unannounced to see Griffin laying on his belly writing in his journal, he looks so comfortable in his learning environment.

I love it that the first thing Koen does when he walks into school is kick off his shoes. Learning in your socks feels so much less restrictive.

I had two really great conferences with the boys' teachers yesterday. I figured that if there is one place that I should be able to go and brag about my kids, it would be right here on my bliggidy bloggidy boop. Plus, I'd like to have it on record that they were wonderful children so that when they turn into pissed off teenagers, I can look back and remember the good ol' days when conferences were easy and sweet.

Griffin is the most popular boy in his class. Little boys fight over who can sit by him at lunch. His teacher described him as a quiet leader. Oh, it makes my mama's heart proud to hear this. His handwriting is improving and he's advancing in math. He can read like a champ and he loves doing his cultural lessons. All in all, he's a happy boy at school.

Koen is very popular too. He has about 5 kids that he plays with. His fine motor skills are better than some of the 3-year-old girls in the class. He likes to play more than he likes to work but he can be easily directed to work. He wanders over to the older kid areas and explores their materials on his own. He still whimpers for me from time to time but can be easily distracted. The teacher said she had no worries or big issues to address.

So, there you have it-proof that my kids are the most awesomest kids on the block. I like hearing this because they aren't angels at home and my living room often turns into a wild rumpus of little boys.

It's so nice to hear that when those crazy kids leave my side that they are flourishing without me. I think that is the single most important part of being a mama, raising kids that will go out into the world and function as a useful and successful part of society.

My boys make me proud. 

The end.



angel shrout said...

I so wish we had Montessori schools in our area. I know my kids would have done much better in those classes than here in our hick town.. sighs

Linda D. said...

I love this comment "It's so nice to hear that when those crazy kids leave my side that they are flourishing without me." Yes indeed, that's what being a parent is all about. Loved the post! Your boys can be proud of their momma.

Caroline said...


Did I ever tell you I was in Montessori schools when I was little? So was my husband, Gil in Venezuela. We learned the same way as children. I wish we had enrolled our children...but I have been happy with the schools here. Reading this makes me yearn for that here--but I have tried to provide them that kind of environment at home so maybe it's a balance?

I LOVE that you find Griffin all comfy writing in his journal when you pop by. Those children of yours ARE awesome.

p.s. Happy Birthday, my friend. I hope you have the best day ever! xoxoxo!!

Sue said...

I always loved those conferences, too. Less so in high school when my boys started acting up at times...


Nicole Paterno said...

This is so great. I LOVE Montessori. My son is in primary now and loves it and he's growing and learning so much. Parent-teacher conferences are good for reassuring me that I haven't done too much damage :)