Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking Children to the Polls

I really love taking Griffin with me to vote.
It's such a great real life educational experience.

Have you taken your children to the polls?
Do you talk to them about the election?

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Linda D. said...

I'm going over to read it now and will come back with a "blog" comment!

Linda D. said...

I never took my kids to vote when they were growing up. They were always in school but I think doing so is a fantastic idea! Whether you believe in the results of an election or not, the important lesson you give your son is it's important to vote; it's important to remember history and be thankful for those who paid the price for voting; and voting is a duty! Well done!

Sue said...

I did used to take them, though I'm not sure how much they got out of it.

Other than the example of voting, I guess, which is important.