Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reasons # 201 and 202 that my kids are totally spoiled

I have a confession to make.
I totally spoil my kids and I do it often.

We try not to give them too many "things"
because no one wants to raise a spoiled brat,
but I have to admit that there
are little things that I do for them
that are totally indulgent.

For example...


Whenever it's really chilly outside,
I put their coats in the dryer
for a few minutes before 
we walk out the door.

That way they can feel
nice and toasty
when they walk to and from the car.

Totally unnecessary and indulgent, I know
but I just love to see their little faces
when they put their coats on and the warmth envelopes them.

They look like they feel totally loved.


Both of my kids are picky eaters
and don't really want to eat breakfast in the morning.

Knowing that I can't very well send them
to school on an empty stomach,
I make them Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Every. Single. Morning.

They gobble them up
and I pat myself on the back
for getting food in their tummies.

Breakfast is so much more awesome
when Mickey Mouse is involved.

See what I mean?
My kids are totally spoiled.

 I know that the real world doesn't
care if your coat is toasty 
or if your breakfast is fun
but as long as I am in charge of their world,
I plan to make them feel special
in small simple ways.

As long as they don't act spoiled.
Then they'll have to tough it out
with room temperature coats
and plain ol' pancakes.


Linda D. said...

LOL! So cute, too! I wish more people took the time to make life a little more warm, cozy and fun! Well done!

Angelwithatwist said...

Ok so I need some spoiling when did you say you could handle company?? I need a warm coat and some Mickey Mouse pancakes in the worst way

Katherine said...

I think that these are things that make childhood magical, not children spoiled. If so, then I will gladly admit to spoiling my children with piggy back rides to bed and chocolate chips in their pancakes.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Hehe! If I believed that children could spoil, like fruit, then mine would probably be rotten. But since I don't believe that...I just show them lots of love. ; )

I think its so sweet how each mom as their own way of doing so...I might steal the jackets in the dryer idea.

And I'm pretty sure my 3 and 2 year olds love language is pancakes. I should make them more. = )