Thursday, April 4, 2013

Conversations with Koen

My almost 4 year old says some pretty funny things.
I want to always remember them
so please indulge me as I write
a record of how adorable he is at this age.

Conversation at bedtime:
K: I'm mad at Griffin because he doesn't listen to me.
Me: Well, one day when y'all grow up, you'll be the best of friends.
 Thougtful pause
K: We'll have to buy really big car seats then.

While opening his Easter basket:
"Thank you, Easter Bunny!"
Side glance my way
"I was pretending just then."

While gazing into my eyes:
K: Your eyeballs have red cracks in them.
Me: I know, that means mommy is tired.
K: I hope that they don't break.

 See what I mean?
Most adorable almost 4 year old South
of the Mason-Dixon Line.


Linda D. said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing.

I remember when my own daughter woke up screaming in the night. When I comforted her she said, "I had bad pictures behind my eyes!"

Mama Zen said...