Friday, May 31, 2013

Live List :: Give Cookies to Firemen

 photo b834d275-68a2-4a64-a94c-bc06e7bc8afe_zpsc352aefd.jpg

We are checking things off our summer live list!
We decided to bake some cookies and take them to the firemen.

 photo 5b601982-dd6b-4f78-97e0-c5483937fe38_zpscd65a401.jpg

The boys were so excited that they might have
eaten a couple hundred of the cookies
before we even left the house.

 photo 0a8bcf1b-a13d-411b-afa5-d34f97911960_zps05bddb2b.jpg

Griffin wrote the sweetest little note
to say thanks for all that the firemen do.

 photo DSC02509_zps2ec6afc2.jpg

We loaded up and went to the nearest firehouse
to deliver the goods.

 photo DSC02508_zpsd7af1a89.jpg 

The firemen were very appreciative.
One of them shouted
and snatched them out of Griffin's hands.

Then the boys got to sit on a real firetruck.

It was time well spent.


Linda D. said...

Ahh.. reminds me of a Norman Rockwell Painting and story! What a great piece of Americana you gave your boys! Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

What great things you guys are already doing with your summer!