Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Live List 2013

Summer Live List
{things I vow to do with boys before the end of summer}
{inspired by the Polished Pickle}

Pick strawberries at the strawberry patch and then bake a treat.
Visit our local airport and watch the planes take off and land.
Play at every single public playground in our small town.
Create a social sculpture and display it in a public place.
Open a lemonade stand in Nana and Poppy's driveway.
Bake cookies and take them to firemen to say thanks.
Go to a candy store and buy a bag full of candy.
Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.
Catch fireflies and put them in a jar.
See a live puppet show.
Camp under the stars.
Climb a mountain.
Swim in a lake.
Ride a train.

What are going to do this summer?

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Linda D. said...

See lots of movies, visit family out of state, eat home made ice cream, read lots of books! I LOVE YOUR LIST! your boys are so lucky!