Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: 52 Weeks of Happiness :: Week 6

Originally posted 4/12/11


When the oven is busy baking.

I just love how the smell
of something sweet
cooking in the oven
attracts curious little noses to the kitchen.

It amazes me to think
how much I've grown to enjoy making treats.
Me, who was once a self proclaimed disaster in the kitchen.

Griffin's class is having a bake sale
to raise money for the people of Japan.

I was more than happy to spend the afternoon baking.


It makes me feel feminine somehow as my kitchen
becomes a flurry of activity.

The sound of the eggs cracking and
the spoon swishing to mix the ingredients,
these sweet kitchen noises make a house
sound more like a home.


I used to be so afraid of cooking but that was just because I was inexperienced.
I feel empowered now when
something yummy
comes out of the oven.

Baking can be a very healing experience.


Last night, after the oven was off and the muffins and brownies
were all wrapped up lovingly for the bake sale,

I languidly rocked Koen to sleep at bedtime. 
The smell of chocolate and powdered sugar
lingered on my spring dress.

It made me feel like a Mama.



Angelwithatwist said...

I really have to stop reading these food posts.. nom nom nom. I can remember being really scared in a kitchen and now it is like old hat. I can see my Memaw standing there in her apron when I roll my own biscuits out and cut them.. memories..

Linda D. said...

I love this post! It just looks and "smells" like home! Thanks for sharing it.