Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The View from the Hammock

The hammock that the boys
gave me for Mother's Day
was such a huge hit that we
put another one up in the backyard.

It's just the right size for Koen
to curl up in there with me.
I love the seeing his little legs
interlaced with mine.


A canopy of green leaves shimmers
up above while I lazily swing back and forth.

The boys often climb in the other hammock.
I simply turn my head to see them snuggling in it.
Sometimes it's peaceful but most of the time
it's all shouting and fisticuffs. with boys is hardly ever quiet.
Any stolen moment of peace is a gift.

What I love most about the view
is that I can just lay there and watch the boys play.

It's the ultimate refuge after a long day.

I can see the entire yard from that vantage point.
If you ever can't find me around the house
it's because I'm sprawled out and taking a load off.

I love the view from the hammock.


Angelwithatwist said...

OH that makes me miss ours. Though it was on a stand I loved it.. Definitely on the must replace list for this summer period..

Sue said...

What beautiful surroundings. And you are such a good photographer, too.