Friday, June 28, 2013

Scenes from Fernbank Science Center

We drove into Atlanta to visit with 
my BFF, Erin and her cute kid, James.

Erin and I decided that we have to see
each other more so we're planning
little cheap summer meet ups to get together.

We met up and the Fernbank Science Center.

After getting hopelessly lost on the way there
and making Erin and James wait forever
for us to actually get there,

  photo 176ee18d-e630-4015-bbba-41c63607a07f_zpsb0ee9a54.jpg

We ended up having a great time
poking at dinosaurs...

admiring the moon...

wishing we were astronauts...

 photo f8f5c054-b9d3-46ff-a85c-6d0a237ec5a9_zps3eea556c.jpg

pushing every single possible button
and turning every single crank in the place.
It was a fun afternoon.

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Sue said...

And seeing old friends is frosting on the cake!