Monday, July 1, 2013

Boredom Buster :: Making Potions

It happened spontaniously.
The boys came running into the kitchen
while I was loading the dishwasher
and requested ingredients to make a potion.

This use to be a favourite activity 
for Griffin when he was younger
but it had been a long time 
since I had heard that request.

 I grabbed every little dish that I owned
and filled them with sugar, salt, cornstarch, olive oil, and food coloring.

I gave them measuring spoons, medicine droppers, and funnels.

Into the bathroom they went with their ingredients
and played happily for over an hour.

I didn't think about the mess that they were making.
I didn't fuss at them for splattering their potions everywhere.

It was very freeing for all of us.

I learned recently the hard way
that all of the ingredients
should be edible because Koen grabbed a cup
the other day and made his potion
out of water, lotion, toothpaste, soap, and shaving cream.

Then he used my toothbrush to stir it
without my knowledge.

I got quite the surprise when I brushed my teeth later that night.


Linda D. said...

Cute! Regarding the toothbrush, maybe he actually invented the next, best tooth brightening product!!!
Well.. on second thought, probably not!

Sue said...


Live and learn, Mom.