Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Live List # 8 :: Random Act of Kindness

We're checking things off our Live Summer list
so we decided to do a random act of kindness for a stranger.

We took a special trip to the floral department
and picked out a bouquet of flowers.

We were so excited to pay for them
and then the plan was to give the flowers
to the cashier that rang us up.

 She was so happy and surprised.
It was so fun to see her face light up
when we handed her the flowers.

I know that this was a small gesture
but it really felt good to do something nice.

Then the boys jumped in puddles
in the parking lot.

That was their favorite part!


Sue said...

What fun!


Linda D. said...

Love this idea! I want to do something randomly nice today! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tima said...

What a sweet idea.

Andrea said...

She looks much happier AFTER her flowers! Wow! You must've changed something on your end as now my reading list is flooded with all of your posts that were missing...yay!