Monday, June 10, 2013

Counting our Blessings and Holding on Tight!!!!

I got a call from Roger Thursday evening. "I've been in a wreck." he said "You need to come get me!" His voice was quivering. I dropped the boys off with my mom and my dad drove me down the highway to find my husband. It was raining hard. My heart was racing.

When I found him he was soaked to the bone from standing on the side of the road in the shower. The accident had been cleared and he was white as a sheet.

He told me that his car had suddenly hydroplaned in the rain and that he crossed over the median, sending his car flying into oncoming traffic. He told me that he literally thought that he was about to die as his car barrelled toward a line of cars.

He said that as his car flew into another car that he screamed out a prayer.  His car spun around and then he hit a truck. Spinning, he finally came to a stop. When he looked to his right, he was mere 3 feet from a semi-truck. He narrowly missed slamming into it.

Amazingly, no one involved in the accident was injured too terribly. After the door was pried off and he stepped out onto the road, he looked down to see a pool of red fluid from his vehicle spilling onto the highway. For a moment, he thought it was blood and that he might have killed someone. He was terrified.

The police officer couldn't believe that everyone walked away from the accident. He said that he was preparing himself to have to life flight someone from the scene and was shocked to see that Roger didn't have one single scratch on his body.

He got lucky!

Except I believe that it was more than luck. For one...he wasn't in his new car. When we bought the Suzuki, we forgot the title to the Explorer. We left it at the dealer with plans to return with the title. We searched everywhere and couldn't find it. So, we ordered a new one with a week wait time.

Then, Roger's radio went out on his new car and since it was under warranty, he dropped it off at the dealer to get fixed and drove the Explorer home that evening.

It all unfolded as it did for a reason. I don't think that his new car would have held up in a crash of this magnitude.

Beyond that, though. I had a foreboding feeling for weeks leading up to the accident. The kind of feeling that brings you to your knees, literally. I had such a strong sense that a tragedy was heading our way that I started praying prayers of protection for my family.

At first I thought that maybe it was the devil trying to rob me of my joy. I reasoned that I was being paranoid. Yet, I still prayed. I was actually in a constant state of prayer. I prayed protection around Roger's car before I went to bed at night. I prayed when he walked out the door to go to work. I prayed at 5:00 pm everyday for weeks because I knew that he was behind the wheel on his commute home.

I honestly believe that God moved me to pray so intensely to spare Roger's life in this wreck. I don't talk about my spiritual life often on this blog because it's very personal to me but...I can't deny that I was moved by something beyond me. I don't know if you've ever felt God's mercy but it is powerful and undeniable.

This is now our testimony.

God honors obedience. God's silent voice can be felt in obedient hearts.

I don't know what I would do without my husband. Our little family needs him around to make this thing work! We have a rekindled connection of just how lucky we are...of what a wonderful thing we have here in our messy house.

I'm holding him tighter. We're holding each other tighter.

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Angelwithatwist said...

Wow! So blessed and protected.. I do believe we know things, and are sent 'feelings' as warnings. So glad everyone was okay, despite what could have been.

giana sarro gomez said...

there were tears in my eyes as i read this. you and your family have indeed been blessed, Leigh. keep holding on tight forever.

Rebecca Cartee said...

Thank God.

Tons of your posts ended up in the feed over the last 24 hours!

Andrea said...'re back and blessed! So glad!


This post brought a tear to my eye. I know how kuch you love your husband and how devastating it would have been to 'the all American family' had you lost him. Thank God for all the little snafus that made him rive that truck. Maybe there's a lesson there- keep a heavy truck,not a small car for his commute.

Linda D. said...

Tight hugs back to you and yours. Thank God and amen!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

WOW- the Lord works in ways we don't always understand but still in amazing ways. Thank Him for your husband being safe through all of that. I know all too well how bad these wrecks can be. Prayers for you & your family.