Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Happiness Project :: Week 14

My mom and I had a little date, just the two of us.
This is a rare occurance since it's summer
and were usually carting the boys around with us.

We started by going shopping.
It was a luxury to be able to browse 
without having to keep up with two little boys
hiding in the clothing racks
or bouncing off the walls in the dressing room.

Then, we went to the movies!
The Great Gatsby was a feast for my eyes.

I also ate an entire bag of popcorn all by myself.
It was such a treat.

We even went out to dinner together.
It was so peaceful and quiet
without my little monsters there to stir up trouble.

We talked about the movie and life.
It was refreshing to have an uninterrupted adult conversation.

I feel so blessed that my mom is my best friend.
We had a blast together!

Want to join me in my quest
to scout out happiness for a whole year?
Simply post a photo of something that
makes you wildly happy and tell us all about it.
Then, steal my button and include it in your post.
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Dina Lettre said...

Awww...that is fun! Good for you, Leigh.

Linda D. said...

Awesome and refreshing to just focus on "you"!

Anonymous said...

What great fun! My kids loved that movie and your dinner looked so yummy.

Kristy LifenReflection said...

That movie does look good!