Thursday, July 18, 2013

My nerves are shot. I need a vacation. What day is it? Who am I?

Lately I've felt uninspired. 
I have moments where I wonder
why anyone would care to pop over here
and read about my silly little life.

The truth is that being a full time mom
is an intense gig because I get very little time for me.

It's hard to be inspired 
when almost every moment of my day
is filled up by fulfilling my children's needs.
 I'm fetching them snacks, 
breaking up fights,
cleaning up messes,
teaching them life lessons,
enforcing rules,
playing games,
kissing boo boos.

The list could go on and on.

I'm not complaining,
I love this gig
and wouldn't give up this time
for the world.

I realized the other day
that I haven't been doing the things I love
because I'm so busy.

I haven't read a book for fun in forever.
I was reading a book
then I lost it and searched everywhere
for weeks and weeks.

So I gave up reading
because who has extra time
to search for lost books?
Not me.

I haven't taken photographs
of pretty things because
I'm just too tired to stop
and celebrate the pretty things in the world.

I see a beautiful flower and
I mumble "That's purty" in my mind
and then I just keep on walking.

That just not like me
to pass up stopping to say
hello to a flower.

My novel fell on the backburner.
I tried to write but would get interrupted 
by these little people all the time.

So I quit writing.
 I went limp.
My soul went hollow.

Until I found that lost book the other day
It was sitting on the shelf the whole time,
right next to me.

Imagine that.

 So, I picked it up and started reading...
 then I remembered that 
I have to make time to do the things
that make me happy. 

Like blogging about my silly little life,
exercising, meditating,
taking a moment to put on lipstick
before I leave the house,
brunching with a good friend,
or simply taking a shower more than once a week.

I have to do these things to stay sane.

Lord knows that I have more
than enough crazy in my life right now.

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Yours is not a silly little blog nor a silly little life. There are women who would trade places with you [then probably have a nervous breakdown from the chaos of kids] in a heartbeat. :)

You do need to make time for you.

And me.

Snack please.

Melanie Mueller said...

Love this post! Summer does make the patience run thin. And although we wouldn't trade places with anyone for anything, some days are just hard. Glad you found your book and you were so honest with this post! Cheers to some time to yourself!

Katherine said...

I think that most moms feel like this sometimes (if not most of the time.) At least you recognize that you need to do the things you like. I can hear a little voice in the back of my mind telling me to take care of myself, but it is usually drowned out by my children.

Andrea said...

Now with teenagers I keep trying to figure out what to do during some days because they don't really want/need me (except for rides), but I still feel compelled to be here! Dinner? Oh I could cry most days at the thought of it! I think I used to like to cook!

Rita Templeton said...

I SOOOO could have written this exact post (right down to Mom leaving comments!).

There are things I like about summer and things I don't. Mostly things I don't.

Barbara Rojas said...

Though I don't leave comments, I always ready your blog. We are linked, remember?! Now that we have da boyz full time, I totally get where you are coming from.

Carrie said...

Thank you for taking time for this blog! I too could have written this post just about any time this summer. It really helps me through these days of 'children all day, no time for mom' to read that another mother having the same emotions I am. Keep up the great work and thank you for the encouragement :)

Sue said...

Loved this post. And sorry I've ben AWOL. You still aren't showing up in my Google Reader. But I am switching to Bloglovin' soon.

Actually, I thought Google reader was supposed to be gone since July 1st, but mine lives on...

Wonder what's up with that?


PS. Your life is worth reading about. I have always loved my visits here.