Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: The Tale of Three Neigh Neighs

Originally posted 10/26/11

Let me introduce you to Neigh Neigh.
Now, I know that this is actually a zebra
but round these parts it's known as a horse.

This nasty toy has been in our
family for four generations
as it was passed down from older cousins
to younger brothers.


It had been ignored for quite some time now
and just taking up space so,
while my mom watched Koen,
I donated Neigh Neigh
(and several other ignored toys)
to the Salvation Army.

I felt very good about myself.

Until Koen woke up from his nap screaming
for Neigh Neigh.
It was terrible...
I felt awful.
It was like the Tell-Tale heart.

So, we picked Griffin up from school
and raced to the donation drop off
to see if we could get the damn toy back.
I have never driven so fast in my life
as Koen cried for his toy in the back seat.

We arrived at the donation drop off location
and I told the guy my sad story.
Luckily, the zebra was still there.

I walked back to the car
feeling like the best mama ever
until Koen started crying even harder.
he said between sobs.

That's when I remembered
that I had also donated this little guy.


I'd like to introduce you to Neigh Neigh.
He had been collecting dust as well
so I decided to pass him on
so another child could enjoy him

So, I begrudgingly shoved the Zebra back in the car
(because now Griffin was heartbroken to lose it)
and headed back to tell the volunteer
that I actually needed the stick horse.

He was very nice about it
and chuckled as he handed it to me.

I felt like the best mama ever yet again
until Koen whimpered and said
in a sad shaky voice...
"Not that Neigh Neigh."

Then I remembered this special guy.


Let me introduce you to Neigh Neigh.
A huge lovable horse,
that is a favorite of Koen's.

I would never in a million years give him away,
and he was safe at home hidden under a blanket.

So, we put the stupid stick horse back in the car
(because they both suddenly LOVED him)
and headed home to find the beloved Neigh Neigh.


Everyone was happy.

Except me, because those damn toys
are back in the house again.

The end.


Andrea said...

Oh no...three times no!!!!! I am always sorry I ask first (yes, mine are teenagers) because the pile is smaller than I hope, but can you imagine bringing two sad teens!?!?! LOL

Linda D. said...

Oh my. that should be "The Tale (or Tails) of Neigh, Neigh, Neigh"! So FUNNY!

Sue said...