Friday, July 12, 2013

The Simple Things in Life

I don't have a thrilling post for you today.
As I scanned the photos that I captured this week,
this simple image caught my eye.

It may not seem all that spectacular
but to me it's a glorious moment.

I just love that Roger is
so willing to give the children
his undivided attention after a long day a work
and a long commute home.

Stepping outside to discover
the two of them playing on the porch
while a light rain fell warmed my heart.

These everyday moments 
are what I cherish the most
and want to keep record of.

Our summer has been filled
with these simple moments
and I always take in a
deep cleansing breath
and let gratitude fill me up
when I see them unfold.


Linda D. said...

Inspiring as always for us all to find those simple moments to savor! Currently my table is set for a lovely dinner with friends and the wine is "breathing"... simple savors!

Sue said...

I always loved watching my husband with the kids. Still do!