Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: Surrounded by Boyness

Originally posted 6/09/10

I am surrounded by boys.
Boy toys, boy clothes, boy tears that they fight so hard not to cry,
boy hugs that are so wild that I actually find myself saying the words
"Don't slobber on my head when you hug me."


There is constant motion in my home.
A swirling of energy that they can't help but feel
and give into as they roll on top of one another.
They are both but a blur as they speed across the living room.
My baby who is quickly becoming a toddler
is the instigator and Griffin is quick to respond.
You can add "referee" to my many titles around here.


They wrestle and laugh and they can't keep
themselves from diving into each other.
They growl like wild animals
who are running free in the forest.
A deep resounding "GRRRR" fills up the living room.
They jump and climb and try to fly.
They land hard
and they get right back up to do it again.


I get tackled from behind while I load the dishwasher.
My skirt gets tugged at until I am in the living room
and I am pulled to the floor.
Before I know it, I am wrestling them too.
We roll around on the floor in a heap of giggles,
I forget to be a lady as my skirt goes over my head
and the baby flops onto my chest.
Griffin tickles my belly non stop.

They both stand up and they are running again
but this time in circles.
The house is full of laughter and squeals.
I am covered in baby snot and my hair is a mess
as I catch my breath.


There are no dolls
no hair bows,
not one tutu.
No glitter
no ballet slippers,
and no pink.
Not at all what I had expected.

I live in a house full of boys
and I am learning
that this crazy world
is one that I'm lucky to live in.

What a great surprise!

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Sue said...

I lived in a house of boys, too. I did have one daughter, but she was a tomboy.