Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Latest Painting on The Fridge Gallery

The other day Koen came home from school
and seemed a bit sad.

I asked him what was wrong and 
he told me that he'd painted a picture
of his mommy while he was at school
but that he couldn't bring it home
because the paint was drying.

He REALLY wanted to give me the painting.

The next day I reminded him to grab it
and he looked even sadder and told me
that he couldn't bring it home because the
teacher was going to display them on the wall.

Then he cried a little.

His sweet teacher saw his tears
and told him that he could take it home 
if he wanted to.

Then she told me that the instructions
were to paint a self portrait
but Koen insisted on painting me.

Be still my mama heart!

He proudly handed it to me
and said
"See on top, mama. That's your hair bun."
"See your smiling lips?"

Oh, this little boy slays me all the time.

Now the painting is hung
in the highest place of honor in our home,
the fridge.

I smile every single time that I pass by it.

1 comment:

Linda D. said...

Oh that's the sweetest thing I heard all day!
I know you think it looks just like you!