Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Oldie but a Goodie :: The Yummiest Ugly Cake on Earth

Originally posted 11/23/11
"I want to make dessert tomorrow!"
Griffin announced after dinner the other day.

He wanted to make a
strawberry cake
with chocolate icing
in the middle
and on top
with white icing
around the edge
and it would
have all of our names written on it.

Easy enough.
So, we did just that.


It turned out to be a hideous cake.
It didn't matter though
because we had so much fun baking it.

I really love playing in the kitchen
with my boys.

They love to measure the ingredients for me.
They fight over dumping all the junk into the bowl.
Oh...and somehow stirring the batter
is the funnest thing ever.


We surprised Daddy after dinner
with the cake.

"Here's a cake for no reason!"
Griffin announced proudly.

Sometimes just wanting to bake
is reason enough to turn on the oven.
Sometimes letting the children
lead in the kitchen is the best reward.

I'm discovering that there is freedom to be found
in making a really ugly cake.

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Katherine said...

I need to do this, allow myself to not feel that things have to be perfect. My kids might enjoy it more too.