Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: The Art of Writing a Letter

Originally posted 10/11/11


Composing a hand written letter.

I read
this article recently
about the fact that hardly anyone

writes letters anymore.

I was inspired to scout out some pen pals

and asked my Facebook friends

if anyone wanted to exchange letters.

Nine people said yes.

I was thrilled.

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I bought stamps at the grocery store.

It felt so odd yet so familiar.

We usually pay our bills online

so I rarely have the need to buy a book of stamps.

It was kind of exciting.

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I even made a special trip to the store

to pick up some new stationary.

I have enjoyed the feeling of putting pen to paper.

It's been so fun to sit down
and see what comes pouring out of me.

I've written a letter a day
for almost a week now.

I still have some letters to write

and I'm actually looking forward to it.

I feel connected in a new way.

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There is a simple happiness to be found in

putting up the red flag on my mailbox

as it holds my handwritten letters
to be sent to my long lost friends and acquaintances.

I've discovered an adventurous feeling
that stirs within me
when I shut the mailbox tight
and wish the letters
well on their journey.

I feel like I am

rediscovering a lost art.

1 comment:

Linda D. said...

With all the digital options for writing to each other, it's refreshing to see old fashioned pen to paper and a postage stamp involved!