Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Best Gratitude Wreath Ever Made

 Y'all know that art created by children
makes my mama heart go pitter pat.

I just love it when they proudly
present to me what they make at school.

Most of their artwork 
ends up hanging by a magnet
on the fridge gallery
but Griffin's Gratitude Wreath
is so special
that it's hanging in the dining room.

It may not look pretty
but it's absolutely perfect to me.

What Griffin is thankful for...
1. Dreams
2. Books
3. Clash of the Clans
4. Videogames
5. Friends
6. Water
8. Entertainment
9. Nature
10. Me
11. Food
12. Pokemon Cards
13. Parents

I'll always treasure Griffin's
8-year-old perspective on gratitude.

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