Monday, December 2, 2013

A little testimony...

So this isn't the best photograph but
I think that it's easily one of my most
 treasured photos taken to date.

Roger and Griffin were baptised on Sunday.
The most touching part was that
they were in the water at the same time
 and were baptised together.
It was a long journey that led them to the cleansing water.

8 years worth of prayers carried my husband and my son there.

I don't talk much about my spiritual walk
on my blog because it's very personal.
 I know that not everybody believes as I do
and I've had one too many debates about religion.
So, my relationship with God is mine to treasure and protect.

That being said, I have to share this experience with you.
For so long, my heart ached to get my family in church
but Roger wasn't ready.
 I wanted to be respectful
 and not force religion on him.

So, I prayed.

I prayed we would be carried to a church.
I prayed it would be a blessing for our family, not a source of conflict.
I prayed for a softening of Roger's heart.
 I prayed that I could stand the gap for my children
 and teach them about God at home.
In my heart, I knew we would find our way home as a family
so I prayed and prayed quietly every day for years and years.
 I prayed with a heart of love and not anger.
I prayed with a heart of hope and not doubt.
 I prayed and prayed and prayed.

Until the day that my prayers were answered.
Roger turned to me one evening
and told me he wanted to go to church.
Just like that.
 No struggle. No fighting. 

My heart just about jumped out of my chest.

Now, after settling into a Church home, on Sunday morning,
 Roger fell to his knees and was dipped back into the water.
 It was his heart that yearned for it.

He came back up a different man. 
My oldest son, sweet Griffin, has given his heart as well 
and wanted to show the world.

As I sat in the congregation and witnessed their baptisms, 
I lifted a prayer of thanks and praise.

The moment I'd been asking for had finally arrived!
God is just so good.


Tami G said...

*tear*. BEST Thanksgiving ever!!!! That is awesomely wonderful! Very happy for you and your sweet family!

Christy said...

what a wonderful story! I am so happy for you and understand how you feel. Us too are also going through these same challenges, especially now with the baby. Thanks you for sharing such a special moment with us.

Lauren Gulde said...

Congratulations to the Hewett Family!! I am full of joy for you all!