Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie :: Remembering Spring

Originally posted 5/1/12

When I was in high school
I called myself the "flower bandit".
I had an addiction to driving past houses
on my ride home from school,
jumping out of the car,
and picking beautiful flowers from people's yards.

I would show up to my parents' house
with stunning bouquets
and my mother would scold me to no end
for stealing blooms from unsuspecting people.

She eventually had to ground me
if I turned up with a handful
of flowers.


I still have that impulse to this day.
I just can't help it,
it's not my fault that
I love picking flowers so much.


With all the gorgeous wild flowers in bloom,
I've had itchy fingers lately as I drove past
fields filled with tempting flowers.


I just couldn't fight the impulse any longer
and the moment that I had some time to myself,
I had a relapse and gave into my flower bandit ways.


It was so much fun to hunt them down.
I even risked my life getting this Queen Anne's Lace
as it was on the edge of a very busy road.

I said a prayer as I crossed the street...

"Dear God,
Please forgive me for stealing flowers
and don't let me die on the side of the road
while I attempt to steal them.


I grasped my bouquet and made a run for it.
Even though all the flowers were on public property
and most of them were pesky weeds,
I still had a blast.


They sure did look beautiful
when I got them home and into a vase.

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Vodka Logic said...

It's not stealing if they are wild. Side of the road flowers are up for grabs